Test Casino Free Games

Play for fun – try casino games without paying for it. At the vast majority of online casinos, you can play the many casino games for free, so you can try if online casino is you at all before you have to have the mole skin out of your pocket. It is quite advisable just quite free to check if online games catch you or not.

Games for fun take place with so-called fun money or toy money – that is, fictitious money that has no value whatsoever. This means that you are not playing with real money, and therefore you can not win anything with this money. They are just there to give the gaming experience just the ultimate. When you have no more toy money left, just restart your browser and you will have a new serving to play with. Oh yes, it sounds simple – and it is.

Play for fun with “toy money”

Toy money, fictitious money or fun money – driven child has many names. It can be a really good way to learn how to play casino without risking money. Maybe you are a brand new player and you have not yet tried to play either the popular table games like Blackjack or Roulette or any of the many thousands of different slot machines available in the market.

With fun money you can easily, for free and at your own pace test the games and see which ones you like best before depositing real money. Some table games can have complicated rules and strategies, and here it can be a huge advantage to just try the game out with fun money first. When you play with fun money, it is under the same rules as with real money. You get the same refund whether you spend real money or toy money. However, from time to time there are casinos that offer slightly better chances of winning on their fun money than they usually do to attract customers to spend real money. However, we believe that games with fun money must have the same chances as with real money to provide a fair experience.

What if I win a big prize?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. You play with toy money, and your winnings are therefore also toy money. You can not exchange them for anything, but you may be able to use your game and your newly acquired experience to be better equipped to go to war with real money games.

Can I save fun money for the next day?

Normally, you can not save fun money for a later game session, nor do you have to fret about it. You quickly become indifferent to fun money – the most important thing is the experience you gain from playing. No matter how much your account is on, your fun money will be reset when you shut down the game.

The difference between “fun money” and “no deposit bonus”

With both fun money and a no deposit bonus, you play without depositing your own money, but there is a huge difference between the two different concepts. With fun money or toy money, you play solely for fun with fictitious money, and all winnings are worth absolutely nothing.

It’s something completely different if you play with a no deposit bonus . Many online casinos offer their new players a no deposit bonus (bonus without deposit) to get started playing and try the various games for free. With a no deposit bonus, it’s the real money you’re playing with. You can therefore also win real winnings with such a bonus – although the bonus of course has play-through requirementsassociated. It happens from time to time that a casino player wins the big jackpot with a no deposit bonus. Yes, it actually happens that casino players become millionaires without having deposited a penny at the casino. That may sound unbelievable.