Skrill Online Casino

The electronic wallet Skrill saw today’s light in London in 2001. Several years later, in 2008, the company was bought by a large investment company in Bahrain named Investcorp. A few more years later, Skrill got his current name, previously the e-wallet went under the name Moneybookers. One of the oldest and most reliable ways to manage money online can handle a long list of currencies and is available to customers in over two hundred countries. This includes our elongated Sweden, where many online casino players are frequent users of Skrill.

Casino with Skrill

Fear of the unknown is natural, if one does not know what an electronic wallet is, one can easily feel that “it is only trams”. Sure, in our payment guide you will find some other e-wallets that have already become widely known. Here you can read our review of Neteller Casino and PayPal Casino if you do not already know everything about PaypPal and Neteller by heart. Why should you keep your money there when you already have a bank card? There are several reasons why Skrill is amazing. Their clientele is huge and Skrill is available as a payment alternative with over 156,000 companies online, including many Swedish online casinos. In addition to being a reputable and professional company with an established and loyal clientele, Skrill uses a 256 bit encryption of users’ sensitive information. That encryption is basically impossible to get by, so your information is in safe hands.

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To get an account with Skrill, click on their website and continue to register. Then you fill in regular personal information such as name, address, email address and telephone number. Then you look to connect your Skrill account with a bank or credit card. You enter your card number, CVC code, name and expiration date, but only when you register. After registration you only have to enter the email address and password when you want to use the e-wallet. Just simplicity is one of the great arguments for Skrill’s advantage, who likes to key in all the numbers every time you want to pay something? Not only practical, it makes the transactions extra secure because only Skrill knows your card details and never shares them with a third party.

Skrill Website Offers

If you encounter problems, an extremely pleasant and efficient customer service is available. The employees answer questions between 9.00-18.00. Service is provided in English.

Check in on Skrill’s website to check out the current special offers. Many Swedish players will find promotions and casino deals with special bonuses at some casinos online. Skrill is aware that they are popular with casino customers. Therefore, they cooperate with online casinos to give players special bonuses when they deposit money with Skrill.

Skrill Debit Card

After registering a debit card, you can transfer money to your Skrill account from the bank with just a few clicks. The deposit is made immediately and the money is directly on the Skrill account. A fee of 1.90% is deducted by Skrill for credit card deposits, which is realistic if compared to other e-wallets.

With money in the account at Skrill, you then log in to the online casino you want to play with and click up to the page for deposits. There you choose Skrill as a deposit option and decide on an amount. Once you have clicked okay, the deposit is handled immediately, it is possible to start playing immediately. In other words, making deposits with Skrill is just as easy regardless of whether you play at eg Next Casino, or Karamba casino.

Minimum amount of buttoning at outlet

A withdrawal from the casino account to the Skrill account is easy as a patch. All you need to say is the email address you use to log in to Skrill. No sensitive information needs to be disclosed, no need to root out their payment card either. Although the actual order of the outlet goes in a snap, the processing time can be relatively long. It often takes a few days for the casino to process the withdrawal from the game account to the Skrill account. If you then want to withdraw the money to your bank account, it takes between 2-5 working days for Skrill to handle that withdrawal. If you withdraw money for a Visa card from Skrill, it can take a maximum of 7 days. It is always free to withdraw money from online casinos to the account at Skrill. Withdrawals from a Skrill account to a bank account, on the other hand, cost SEK 16.48, which is less than many similar payment solutions take for the same service. If you play Leo Vegas with Skrill, you should not forget that you get a free Leo Vegas withdrawal per month.