PayPal Online Casino

Paypal casino wanted? Then we at  have just the thing for you! We all know that Paypal, as the world’s leading e-wallet provider and former subsidiary of Ebay, stands for secure payments on the Internet. However, finding PayPal casinos is not that easy. Because you can not find PayPal as a payment method at many casinos. The reason for this is that PayPal only works with 100% reliable online casinos . The good news is that a few online casinos have earned the trust of PayPal. And this is how you find the payment service for deposits and withdrawals in some online casinos.

Paypal has stood for security in online payments since its inception. Through buyer protection, PayPal also bears a share of the risk, since it will help the seller in the event of loss. Therefore, the payment provider attaches particular importance to the fact that only absolutely reliable online casinos can offer PayPal. Paypal acts as a further indicator regarding the seriousness of an online casino. So if you want to play in a Paypal casino, then we a have just the thing for you. Because, as always, the professor looked closely for you and created a list of the best Paypal casinos. Take a look at the list of the best online casinos with PayPal and find the right PayPal casino for your needs:

Why pay with Paypal in the casino?

The concept of Paypal is quite easy to explain if you are not yet one of the around 192 million users worldwide. PayPal works like a virtual wallet and can be linked to your Giro bank account or credit card. This makes instant payments on the Internet possible. And without your business partner receiving your actual financial information. The option of immediate payment works in such a way that PayPal enters payment in advance for you. By the way, PayPal is licensed as a full-fledged bank in the EU and is also listed on the stock exchange . Deposits in your PayPal account are, as with other banks, secured.

This is how PayPal works in the casino

If you make a deposit in the online casino, PayPal sends the money to the casino immediately. Then a SEPA direct debit is initiated from your bank account and after 1-2 days, PayPal has the money. You yourself do not notice this process.

On the other hand, you can also top up your PayPal account by bank transfer. If you then pay in the casino, Paypal accesses your balance. And when you withdraw your winnings from the online casino, it works right away. In the online casino, simply use Paypal as a payment method. Enter how much money you want to withdraw. Depending on the casino, your credit will appear in your PayPal account within a few hours . From there you can either keep it as PayPal credit or debit it to your bank account.

Paypal is valued by users around the world as a very secure payment method. Paypal not only offers innovative buyer protection, which protects you if something doesn’t go as planned when you make a payment. You are also protected in the event of misuse of your PayPal account . This means that even if your password is found out by an unauthorized person, nothing can happen. More information is available on the PayPal website .

In the case of online casinos, Paypal is particularly popular because it is so fast. In addition , your house bank does not know what you are doing with your money. After all, not everyone feels comfortable when the bank advisor knows that online gambling is a regular activity. You can avoid this by playing in a Paypal casino. And thus also rule out negative influences or embarrassing questions when granting a loan.

Deposits in a Paypal casino

In Paypal casinos you have the possibility to deposit with Paypal in a safe, fast and easy way. PayPal only forwards your personal email address to the seller when making payments. Sensitive data such as your bank or credit card information is therefore completely securely stored in your PayPal account.

If you pay in a PayPal casino, simply choose the PayPal method. Log into your PayPal account during the payment process and make the payment. It does not matter whether you have previously loaded your PayPal account with credit or not. Paypal makes prepayment to the payee for you.

The amount will then be debited from your bank account within approximately 3 days. Payments are made within seconds because the online casino receives the payment amount immediately. If you use a credit card, PayPal will debit the amount from your card within a few minutes.

Deposits with PayPal are encrypted using SSL technology . This prevents your Paypal user ID or other data from the transaction from falling into the wrong hands.

German Paypal casinos

There are also German Paypal casinos. Here you also benefit from a completely German interface and a German-speaking customer service. You will find these listed above and can thus choose a German Paypal casino that suits you perfectly.

Why only offer reputable online casinos PayPal

It is no coincidence that only a reputable online casino can offer PayPal. Because PayPal has always been concerned about the integrity of its own brand. So you can not offer Paypal in many industries. This includes most of the industries that care for adult needs. These include erotic offers and alcohol. By the way, gambling is also part of this. However, PayPal makes exceptions.

But only if by offering Paypal payments in the online casino there can be no disadvantage for the PayPal brand. Of course, this is only the case with the most reliable and established online casinos. Paypal therefore strictly checks all online casinos that want to make deposits via PayPal. Only when this turns out positive can the online casinos offer Paypal at all. If you see the Paypal logo at an online casino, you can assume that a very intensive check has taken place here. And that it is a reputable online casino.

Online casinos with Paypal withdrawals

You can also use PayPal to withdraw your online casino credit to your PayPal account in a few minutes. Depending on how long it takes the casino to confirm your withdrawal, this process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. As soon as the respective PayPal casino gives the green light, the money will be booked into your PayPal account and available immediately.

Payments at PayPal casinos

Paypal charges a small fee of 1.9% plus € 0.35 for receiving payments. If you receive an amount in a currency other than the currency in your PayPal account, PayPal will convert the amount, taking into account the daily exchange rate. A fee is payable depending on the currency. If the amount is converted into euros, there is a fixed fee of € 0.30. As a rule, however, these fees are borne by the Paypal Casino . As a player, the payment in the online casino is usually free of charge.