Online Casino Bonuses 2019

Online casinos are now a dime a dozen and every provider promises to be the best . To stand out from the competition, many casino operators use online casino bonus offers. The bonuses are variable and can vary from provider to provider. Since it is difficult to keep track. We are putting an end to the bonus jungle and have taken a closer look at 64 casinos in Germany.

What is an online casino and who is allowed to operate it?

For many people, the Internet is simply part of life. No wonder, because almost everything can now be done online. Of course, the entertainment factor is in the foreground and it does not take long before the classic arcade found its way into the virtual world. Digital gambling on the Internet has a decisive advantage over the classic casino: it can be used anytime, anywhere. All games that can also be found in the stationary casino can be played on the desktop PC, the tablet PC or the smartphone, At any time of the day and every single day of the year.

Before the player decides on a casino, he should think about how much money he wants to use there. A no deposit bonus sounds very appealing at first, as it gives the player the opportunity to try some games for free. Most bonuses, however, are subject to certain conditions. This means that it is not always easy to implement the bonus, ie to convert it into face value. This fact should be remembered by every player when deciding on a casino.

The no deposit bonus offered by the provider can be considered as a gift. This gives the player the opportunity to try out a few games and better estimate the software. With a little luck, of course, you can also make a profit. But bonuses with and without deposit are usually tied to certain conditions. These include the turnover conditions, which in part require that the bonus must be implemented several times before it can be paid out.

Coupons linked to a deposit

Basically, a distinction is made between the bonus with deposit and the bonus without deposit. Some providers grant a no deposit casino bonus . This can be, for example, the no-deposit Book of Ra bonus or the no deposit slot machine bonus . This means that the player can use this bonus without having to make a deposit. The provider grants free money, which is credited to the player’s account and can be set from there. The bonuses define the area of ​​application. A bonus for Book of Ra can therefore be used only for this game and the bonus for slot machines is only intended to feed the slots.

Some providers require a deposit from the player to withdraw the bonus. This means that the player registers and selects in the account a payment method such as Paypal, credit card or direct debit , in order to assign a freely selectable sum. Once the money has been instructed and booked, the sum will be credited to the player’s account and the player has the opportunity to collect his bonus, which will also be credited to the player’s account. When choosing a casino, you should always pay attention to whether it is a deposit bonus or a no deposit bonus.

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