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Compete with Intelligence


Put the power of ILS solutions to work for you

With 1B+ parts and services in inventory and $5B+ in RFPs annually, the ILS platform enables customers the ability to find, buy, sell, analyze any Aerospace Part or Repair Service, integrate with their supply chain system and connect with the right business partner.

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Utilize the most comprehensive Aerospace Supply, Demand and Pricing data for the Aerospace Aftermarket worldwide
Benefit from Fair Market value Intelligence for parts and services integrated into AI & and ML based selling and procurement tools
Leverage Aftermarket based Intelligence to optimize your buy vs repair, manufacture vs. license decisions
Integrate with any aerospace Supply Chain System in real time

ADW—Aviation Data Warehouse

The Aviation Data Warehouse (ADW) is a comprehensive database and includes 500M+ part price points, our proprietary data ingestion process and a web-native interface. As the foundation of ILS’ Market intelligence capabilities, It provides customers in the aerospace and defense industry with critical business intelligence across commercial/military airframes, engines and repair capabilities.

Inventory eValuator

ILS Inventory eValuator establishes the value of a set of parts or your complete inventory. Beneficial to buyers and sellers, eValuators provide market trend insight and determine the demand for your parts.

Supplier Inventory eValuator

Receive vital data to improve trend tracking and outsmart the competition for your inventory listed on ILS. ILS Supplier Inventory eValuator reports provide suppliers with detailed information on their ILS inventory to help them boost sales.

Custom Reports

Working with an ILS Market Intelligence specialist, customers can request customized data and output options to construct analytical reports specific to their organizational needs. Past custom reports have included detailed pricing comparisons, competitive analysis, Government data, PMA trending and pricing, CAGE data, applicability data and FMV as well as market trends and metrics.

Asset Analyzer for Airframes, Engines, & APUs

Search our Asset Analyzer by part numbers and applicability, by ATA chapters, price, and other critical information for the aviation aftermarket industry, to determine what combination of airframe and/or engine parts can deliver the most profit to your business.

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Aftermarket Analyzer

View which parts are in high demand by ILS customers and plan your business moves accordingly. This report provides the 500 most requested parts and the 250 most requested MRO capabilities on ILS over the last 12 months.

Fair Market Value (FMV)

Our FMV solution uses analytical data and artificial intelligence algorithms to determine up-to-date market values of parts and services for Commercial, GA/BA (General Aviation/Business Aviation), and Defense.


Designed for single part numbers or small batches, ILS PartStats provides supply, demand and pricing data for competitive analysis in one click and is integrated with our platform solutions.


Available for Commercial as well as Government customers, ILS PartsWatch creates a watch list for unique parts you need and get automated updates based on changes in availability, price and new supplier listings.


Aviation Aftermarket's #1 Asset Analyzer

The Asset Analyzer provides insights from nose to tail, allowing you to identify parts, illustrate assembly relationships, and access exclusive market data to make informed business decisions. The go-to research tool for anyone working with aircraft, engines, or APU parts and services.





Aircraft Manufacturer

Aircraft Model Group


A318 | A319 | A320 NEO / CEO | A321 | A330 | A340


206 | 407


737CL | 737NG | 737MAX | BBJ | BBJ MAX |  747 | 757 | 767 | 777 | 787|


CH605 | CL300 | CL350 | CRJ100 | CRJ200 | CRJ700 | Q400 DASH 8 | GL6000 | LJ28/29 |LJ31  | LJ35/36 | LJ45| LJ75 | LJ60 |  LR32 | LR35/36 | LR75 | LR45


560XL / XLS | 680 | 680A | 700 | 750 | 750A


E170 | E190


1900 | 200 | 33 | 390 | 4000 | 55 | 58 | 600 | 700 | 800 | 90 | B300


J3 | PA18 | PA22 | PA23 | PA24 | PA28 | PA30 | PA31 | PA32 | PA34 | PA36 | PA38 | PA39 | PA42 | PA44 | PA46



Engine Manufacturer

Engine Model Group




CFM56-5B | CFM56-7B


O200 | O240 | O300 | O360 | O470 | O520 | O550


CF6-80C2 | CF34-8 | GE90-100


V2500-A1 | V2500-A5


PW4000-94 | PW4000-100

APU Manufacturer

APU Model Group


131-9A/B | GTCP331-200 | GTCP331-250 | GTC331-350 (B777) | GTC331-350 (A330/340) | GTCP331-250 (A300/A310) | GTCP36-150BD | GTCP85-129 

PRATT & WHITNEY / Hamilton Sundstrand

APS3200 | APS5000 (B787) | PW901A/C 

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Speak with an ILS Market Intelligence advisor to learn more how ILS can support your goals and ask for your free intelligence report. Call 1-901-794-5000 or click below to have an advisor reach out to you.

Use the ILS Mobile App on iOS or Android devices to buy and sell on the go.

ILS’ Mobile App allows buyers the ability to search for part availability, create RFQ’s and submit them to be quoted. Suppliers can also view incoming RFQ’s and quotes right from their iOS device, and Message Broadcasts can be researched on your mobile device from anywhere and at time.

As a recent new customer, HAECO has found that ILS market intelligence accelerates our decision making and regard it as an essential conduit and tool in our fast moving supply chain.

Graham Air

Head of Asset Management & Trading

ILS delivers tremendous value to Wencor Group, and its ever increasing Data Warehouse in addition to eValuators, Data and Analytics services and excellent people are critical to our success.

Brian Rohrenbach

Director - Pricing and Analytics