Live Dealer Roulette

Live Roulette is essentially a hybrid of standard online games and traditional games that you can find at a land-based casino. The game mode is very similar to the usual internet game – i.e. We place bets and take action by clicking specific icons in the casino software interface. But where ordinary online roulette uses an animated circle that produces results based on complex random number generators (RNG), live games use real physical wheel and ball supported by real dealer in real time.

All live dealer games offer real-time video streaming, so we do not miss any traffic. Since the social element usually lacks online games, there is live chat, so we can communicate with other players and the seller via live chat. With the luxury of being in your own home, the authenticity and lack of smoke found in old terrestrial casinos, it’s not surprising that live roulette is making a sensation around the world.

How does live roulette work?

We know what you think. Do online casinos offering live games have signed agreements with land based casinos to bring you favorite games with live dealer? Well, it depends. Sometimes they will stream their roulette live straight from the casino, but more often you will find the best live casinos using the studio environment to recreate the real casino experience.

Real croupiers are still fully qualified, because nowadays almost every live casino offers the best possible gameplay with the live dealer. Using studies is usually a practical measure, and real money games remain fair, independently tested and of course visually impressive.

What you need to play roulette live

If you are reading this article from an old computer with a processor released in 1990, you can stop reading this article and go shopping in a nearby computer store. If you want to play live roulette, you need a modern Mac or PC with high speed internet connection. Although you do not need a webcam technically, because video is usually unidirectional, we recommend looking for a computer with a camera. This way you will know that your machine can effortlessly handle videoconferencing that offers the best websites offering live roulette.

A fast Internet connection is also needed if you want to play live casino. Polish casino players are informed by large casino operators to get a connection of 12 mb / s, but we have seen some online casinos that work well with connections as slow as 4 Mbps.There are many differences between live roulette and its regular equivalent online, and many of them will help players from Canada get a fuller impression of online games:

More human interaction: you can chat with real dealers you can see during the game, instead of writing in a faceless nickname on a standard chat.

More transparency: you can see the real wheel rotated in online roulette instead of relying on RNG. Although RNGs are independently tested and verified for integrity, seeing a real circle in motion can provide peace of mind.

Game limit: some popular online roulette in the real money version have not yet reached the world of dealerships, and unfortunately some of the best variants, such as Spingo and Multi-ball roulette, are more difficult to translate into the arena of live dealers. Never say never.
Fewer hands per hour: if you play online roulette to hit hundreds of spins an hour, you can discover that live casino games, at least when it comes to roulette, are not for you. But why not try to be sure?

The advantages of Roulette Live Dealer Roulette

Online casinos can have a more classic character, but online casinos mean you can just get out of bed and play! Live Roulette is the closest to the real deal, with real dealers and real cash. Leave it to us to connect you with the best online casinos in Poland. Your dealer is working to provide you with the best possible experience.

No wonder that the popularity of real money games such as live roulette is growing – such games provide real impressions, allowing you to chat with the croupiers and players, while enjoying the game and earning real cash. Since croupiers do not have to pay every player, live roulette in the net is much faster than roulette in land based casinos, so you can get more games in less time. If you have never tried roulette live, now is a great opportunity, because we can offer the best possible conditions so that you can enjoy authentic experience without leaving your home.