Efficiently sell any aerospace part or repair service to the largest aftermarket buyer community worldwide.


Efficiently sell any aerospace part or repair service to the largest aftermarket buyer community worldwide.

Sell what you have

Sell your aerospace parts and repair services faster using the latest AI & ML based sales tools in the largest Aftermarket WW. Access the largest and the most lucrative Aerospace Aftermarket with $5B+ of RFQs P/Y. Differentiate with digital advertising, sell surplus inventory with auctions and benefit from real-time integration with your supply chain system.

Largest Aviation Parts Aftermarket

Largest Worldwide Buyer Community

Efficiently sell any Aerospace Part or Repair Service to the largest buyer community worldwide driving $5B+ in RFQs annually

Sales Productivity

Use Digital Advertising to create visibility and demand for your parts and services, leverage Auctions to sell surplus inventory

Next Gen Supply Chain Tech

Use AI/ML based selling tools to convert buyer demand into revenue and Integrate your Supply Chain directly with our Marketplace

ILS Marketplace

Leverage the most comprehensive Aerospace Aftermarket selling platform worldwide

In today’s selling environments, sales professionals need to deliver more results with fewer resources in increasingly competitive markets. ILS enables aerospace sales professionals to set up automatic quoting, consolidate RFQs from multiple marketplaces, leverage advanced RFQ prioritization and filtering to maximize their results and free valuable time to focus on the most lucrative sales opportunities.

Use advanced AI/ML selling tools to maximize your sales productivity and benefit from advanced automation.

Market Intelligence

Maximize your pricing and margin potential using ILS Market Intelligence to improve your competitiveness

ILS helps thousands of Aerospace customers everyday make the most informed business decisions leveraging 500M+ price points in the most comprehensive Aftermarket Data Warehouse.


Create differentiation, visibility and demand for your parts and services with targeted display advertising solutions

Reach the largest and most active community of aerospace buyers and sellers across the globe with a wide variety of targeted Ad and Banner solutions including Message Board advertising options. Our advertising specialists can create the most beneficial ad combinations to promote your brand, parts and services to the right target audience.

ILS Aviation Auction

Sell your surplus Aerospace parts, aircraft and engines quickly through the simple to use ILS Auction platform

ILS hosted auctions provide a quick and efficient way to cash in on verified surplus depreciated inventory. With ILS handling set up, FMV valuation and providing auction marketing services, all you need to do is upload your inventory data to our simple-to-use, online platform that includes pictures and certification docs.


Leverage the benefits of automated, real time integration between your Supply Chain systems and the ILS marketplace

Integrate your supply chain systems with the ILS marketplace can be enabled with ERP specific integration solutions, or Web Services to create customized integration capabilities. Direct integration with the ILS marketplace provides benefits such as frictionless and intelligent supply chain management, simplified inventory and RFQ management and improved data-integrity.

Government research tool

Find critical Government and Defense Aerospace parts, suppliers, repair services and data

ILS Government Research Tool (GRT) consolidates millions of government files into usable data, configured for professionals to find the precise information they need quickly and easily. Data sources include: FLIS, MCRL, ML-C, CAGE Code, DOD Forecast—with links to GIDEP, CCR, Technical Characteristics, Procurement History, AMDF, I&S and MOE.

Use the ILS Mobile App on iOS or Android devices to buy and sell on the go.

ILS’ Mobile App allows buyers the ability to search for part availability, create RFQ’s and submit them to be quoted. Suppliers can also view incoming RFQ’s and quotes right from their iOS device, and Message Broadcasts can be researched on your mobile device from anywhere and at time.

ILS is the Perfect Solution for Sellers in Every Market.

Sell your aerospace parts and repair services faster using the latest AI & ML based sales tools in the largest aftermarket community of Commercial, OEM, MRO, Trader, Defense, Business and General Aviation buyers worldwide.

ILS' Market Intelligence is an excellent tool for analyzing inventory, evaluating new projects and better understand demand and supply. ILS delivers incredible value to KP Aviation

Travis Anukam

Product Line Representative

Whether it's one part or a 1,000, ILS Market Intelligence always delivers the right insights and perspectives contributing to the success of Magellan Aviation Group

Robert Suhs

Vice President – Airframe Parts Sales & Marketing

Our purchasing an sales teams use ILS daily for Parts and MRO search services, and having exposure on the largest global marketplace to market our comprehensive commercial and defense inventory is critical.

Simon Green

Managing Director