Integrate with ILS and optimize your Supply Chain


Integrate with ILS and optimize your Supply Chain


Leverage the benefits of automated, real time ERP to Marketplace integration

Directly integrate with the ILS marketplace and benefit from frictionless and intelligent supply chain management, simplified inventory and RFQ administration, improved data-integrity and the ability to leverage ILS Market Intelligence and other AI/ML based functionality including BuyersEdge and SalesEdge.

Intelligent Supply chain
Frictionless intelligent supply chain management
simplified inventory
Simplified inventory and RFQ management
Complete out of the box integration or customized Web Services
Improved data-integrity with real-time verified system updates

Seamless real-time integration with ILS Bridge

The ILS Bridge is a fully integrated, real-time connectivity solution that simplifies inventory and RFQ management for buyers, provides robust out-of-the-box functionality, and enables intelligent supply chain management with improved data integrity

ILS Bridge

  • Easy selection of inventory and stock lines for auto-posting to the ILS Marketplace, providing customers the choice to list all or selected items in their inventory.
  • As the bridge automatically refreshes verified inventory, ILS adds value to the search ranking, providing those customers a greater opportunity to be on the first line of the ILS search results.
  • Efficiently issue RFQs and purchase orders directly through your ERP to selected vendors within ILS and manage RFQ responses within ILS or your ERP.

ILS Bridge integration options

The ILS Bridge is available for Quantum Control, CORRIDOR as well as Pentagon, and will be available for CAMP IMS in early 2022, sign up here for more information.

Integration made flexible with Web Services

Web Services provide machine-to-machine interaction between your systems and the ILS Marketplace. Available in XML/JSON formats, Web Services allow you to easily perform part searches, review RFQs, and update your ILS inventory listing from your system.

Integration benefits

  • Eliminate manual processes and data-entry errors
  • Customized Web Services bundles available for Buyers, Sellers, MRO’s and Government entities
  • Complement your integration with tools like Part Stats and Parts Watch

Integrate ILS with the ERP of your choice

As the largest, most dynamic and long-standing marketplace platform, ILS has been integrated with a wide variety of supply chain systems including Aviation industry specific systems e.g. AMOS, IHS, Pentagon, Smart145 as well as general category ERP systems such as SAP and many others.


Let’s start the conversation

Speak with an ILS Marketplace advisor to learn more how ILS can support your organization. Call 1-901-794-5000 or click below to have an advisor reach out to you.

Use the ILS Mobile App on iOS or Android devices to buy and sell on the go.

ILS’ Mobile App allows buyers the ability to search for part availability, create RFQ’s and submit them to be quoted. Suppliers can also view incoming RFQ’s and quotes right from their iOS device, and Message Broadcasts can be researched on your mobile device from anywhere and at time.

The ease of access to information using webservices in addition to solutions like FMV and PartStats increases our market intelligence. To Fokker Services, ILS is the leading digital Aviation industry platform for parts and services.

Kaveh Alizadeh

Systems Improvement Manager

The ILS Bridge for Quantum reflects the forward thinking approach companies like PSI expect, and we appreciate CAMP Systems is delivering on the opportunity to create more synergies between their software platforms.

Tim Hernandez

IT Manager