Put the power of ILS solutions to work for you


Put the power of ILS solutions to work for you


Put the power of ILS solutions to work for you

With 1B+ parts and services in inventory and $5B+ in RFPs annually, the ILS platform enables customers the ability to find, buy, sell, analyze any Aerospace Part or Repair Service, integrate with their supply chain system and connect with the right business partner.



SalesEdge is an intelligent RFQ and smart quoting tool for sellers, designed to prioritize, and quote with intelligence from multiple marketplaces.

  • Recognize high-value RFQs quickly and quote with all available information at your fingertips
  • Benefit from personalized AI/ML powered selling using advanced filtering as well as RFQ consolidation from multiple marketplaces
  • Improve your productivity and integrate SalesEdge directly with Quantum or other ERP

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ILS BuyersEdge provides buyers a centralized place for entering and tracking purchases enabling them to procure parts without leaving the marketplace.

  • Free capability for ILS customers enables customers to create a Purchase Order from the Parts Availability search results
  • BuyNow features allow direct purchasing from preferred partners using a PO without having to wait for a quote
  • BuyersEdge will be integrated with various ERP systems including Quantum Control, CORRIDOR, and CAMP IMS


AutoQuote allows sellers to automatically quote anything they set a price on, allowing sales organizations to be ‘always-on’.

  • Free capability for ILS customers to set a price and quote automatically to incoming RFQs
  • Price all or some of your listed inventory and unburden your salesforce—especially lower priced items
  • Set your policies based on customer specific Price Limits to ensure profitable sales and a better Customer Experience

Digital Advertising

Let’s face it—the current market environment requires parts and services suppliers to sell faster in a more time-sensitive and increasingly globally competitive market. Use ILS Digital advertising to ensure target customer visibility, awareness and conversion to sales.

  • Efficiently reach thousands of qualified aviation parts buyers across the globe
  • Drive more qualified RFQ volume by ensuring the right buyers are aware of your inventory and MRO capabilities
  • Convert interest into action with digital advertising bundles to compel potential buyers to action

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Sales Visibility

Increase your visibility and differentiate on the ILS Marketplace with sales visibility tools.

  • Enabling suppliers with capabilities to increase visibility and differentiation for their listings with online catalogs, company profiles, accredited vendor status, our Certified Government Supplier program (G-listing) and smart icons
  • Provide customers with the insight to your full parts inventory and MRO service capabilities catalog
  • Integrate your Supply Chain directly with ILS and qualify for accredited vendor status earning increased customer visibility and ranking status
  • Government suppliers can qualify for ILS-G listing status providing increased exposure to Government buyers


ILS hosted auctions provide a quick and efficient way to cash in on verified and depreciated, surplus or discontinued inventory. With ILS handling set up, FMV valuation and providing auction marketing services, all you need to do is upload your inventory data to our simple-to-use, online platform that includes pictures and certification docs.

  • Efficiently reach thousands of qualified Aerospace buyers with lots or individual items
  • Benefit from FMV valuation to price surplus inventory to move
  • ILS auctions are open to members and the public, ensuring the largest audience possible

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Expand search capabilities not only for a part or repair capability as well as its equivalent listed under different approved alternate part numbers.

  • Buyers receive alternate part number cross-referencing data for part numbers, NSNs, NIIN, NAS, and MS numbers
  • Facilitate bidding on government contracts and find companies who sell to the government as additional sources for part availability
  • Sellers can view part numbers or repair capabilities associated with Alternate, Interchangeable or PMA equivalents for maximum exposure


ILS Fuse is an intelligent online procurement and workflow solution for buyers to manage large volumes of RFPs and Quotes. Received quotes are consolidated into one file making it easy to evaluate offers side-by-side.

  • Easily evaluate offers with standardized quotes and side-by-side comparisons
  • Organize and centrally store supplier communications and get options from global alternative parts sources
  • See quote details, supplier info, and communications at a single click

Government Research Tool

The ILS Government Research Tool (GRT) consolidates millions of government files into usable data, enabling users to find the precise information they need quickly and easily.

  • Match commercial part numbers to their related NSNs and alternate reference numbers
  • Retrieve information from one or more government files, such as FLIS, CAGE, Procurement History, Technical Characteristics
  • Look for Part Numbers, NSNs, NIINs and other cataloged DLA data to see who has the item on the shelf and for sale

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SalesEdge™ Commerce

This fully integrated commerce platform enables suppliers to sell online directly to their customers, including a customized Storefront natively integrated with ILS as well as your ERP (Quantum Control or CORRIDOR). 

  • Suppliers improve sales productivity with secure workflow automation with an e-commerce platform designed for all part sale types
  • Buyers benefit from streamlined purchasing process enabling 24/7 ordering capability and individualized payment options 
  • Reach more customers and markets across the globe and leverage digital to drive differentiation and qualified traffic.
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Let’s start the conversation

Speak with an ILS Market Intelligence advisor to learn more how ILS can support your goals and ask for your free intelligence report. Call 1-901-794-5000 or click below to have an advisor reach out to you.

Use the ILS Mobile App on iOS or Android devices to buy and sell on the go.

ILS’ Mobile App allows buyers the ability to search for part availability, create RFQ’s and submit them to be quoted. Suppliers can also view incoming RFQ’s and quotes right from their iOS device, and Message Broadcasts can be researched on your mobile device from anywhere and at time.

As a recent new customer, HAECO has found that ILS market intelligence accelerates our decision making and regard it as an essential conduit and tool in our fast moving supply chain.

Graham Air

Head of Asset Management & Trading

ILS SalesEdge is a crucial tool for today's Aviation Aftermarket sales professional

Jared Butson

VP Sales

Aeromax Industries has greatly benefited from ILS and new tools like AutoQuote help improve sales productivity. The ability to automatically quote parts and services allows our sales team to be ‘always-on’ and enhances our ability to consistently serve our civil, government and military customers across the globe.

Tom Brizes


We use ILS every day and its rich Market Intelligence and tool-set is second to none - especially valuable to any operator in rapid changing markets like today. ILS is great to work with and contributes to Icelandair's competitiveness. 

Eiríkur Smári Vilhjálmsson

Manager of Materials and Logistics

The ease of access to information using webservices in addition to solutions like FMV and PartStats increases our market intelligence. To Fokker Services, ILS is the leading digital Aviation industry platform for parts and services.

Kaveh Alizadeh

Systems Improvement Manager

The ILS Bridge for Quantum reflects the forward thinking approach companies like PSI expect, and we appreciate CAMP Systems is delivering on the opportunity to create more synergies between their software platforms.

Tim Hernandez

IT Manager

ILS delivers tremendous value to Wencor Group, and its ever increasing Data Warehouse in addition to eValuators, Data and Analytics services and excellent people are critical to our success.

Brian Rohrenbach

Director - Pricing and Analytics