Access the most comprehensive Aerospace Aftermarket platform worldwide.



Access the most comprehensive Aerospace Aftermarket platform worldwide.


world wide aircraft marketplace
The largest world-wide Aerospace Marketplace and Intelligence platform
Find or sell aircraft parts
Find or Sell any Aerospace Part or Repair Service
Tools and solutions aviation markets
Benefit from next-gen Technology, Tools and Intelligence solutions
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Integrate with any Aerospace Supply Chain System in real time

ILS Marketplace

The tools and technology to help you sell faster and buy smarter

Buyers can log in directly to the ILS platform, or via their ERP system and benefit from the worlds’ largest and most dynamic marketplace for aerospace parts and repair services in any Commercial, OEM, MRO, Trader, Defense, Business and General Aviation market.

With 1B+ parts and services in inventory and $5B+ in RFQs annually, the ILS platform enables customers the ability to find, buy, sell, analyze any Aerospace Part or Repair Service, integrate with their supply chain system and connect with the right business partner.

Aircraft Parts & Repair [MRO] Marketplace


SalesEdge is an intelligent RFQ and smart quoting tool for sellers, designed to prioritize, and quote with intelligence from multiple marketplaces.

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AutoQuote allows sellers to automatically quote anything they set a price on, allowing sales organizations to be ‘always-on’.

Digital Advertising

Create differentiation, visibility and demand for your parts and services with targeted digital advertising solutions.

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Sales Visibility Tools

These tools allow suppliers to increase sales visibility and differentiation for their listings with smart icons, linked to e.g. eCommerce, Catalogs.

ILS Auctions

ILS hosted auctions provide a quick and efficient way to buy or sell verified inventory

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Expand search capabilities not only for a part as well as its equivalent listed under different approved alternate part numbers.


Fuse is an intelligent online procurement and workflow solution for buyers in larger organizations to manage RFPs and Quote distribution for contract bidding. 

Government Research Tool

The ILS Government Research Tool (GRT) consolidates millions of government files into usable data, enabling users to find the precise information they need quickly and easily.

Market Intelligence

Maximize your pricing and margin potential using ILS Market Intelligence and improve your competitiveness.

Leveraging an Aerospace data warehouse built on 500M+ aftermarket part price points, ILS provides AI driven market intelligence and custom reports you need to determine supply and demand for specific parts, track activity and pricing trends.

aviation marketplace

ADW—Aviation Data Warehouse

The Aviation Data Warehouse (ADW) is a comprehensive database and includes 500M+ part price points, our proprietary data ingestion process and web-native interface. As the foundation of ILS’ Market intelligence capabilities, It provides customers in the aerospace and defense industry with critical business intelligence across commercial/military airframes, engines and repair capabilities.



ILS Inventory eValuator establishes the value of your inventory, provides market trends, and determines the demand for your parts.

Asset Analyzer for Airframes, Engines, & APUs

Search our Asset Analyzer by part numbers and applicability, by ATA chapters, price, and other critical information for the aviation aftermarket industry, to determine what combination of airframe and/or engine parts can deliver the most profit to your business.

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Custom Reports

Use custom intelligence reporting and integrate intelligence data feeds into your supply chain and planning systems.

Fair Market Value (FMV)

Benefit from Fair Market value Intelligence for parts and services integrated into AI & ML based selling and procurement tools.

Part Stats ™

Designed for single part numbers or small batches, ILS PartStats provides supply, demand and pricing data for competitive analysis in one click.


Create a watch list for unique parts you need and get automated updates based on changes in availability, price and new supplier listings.


Leverage the benefits of automated, real time integration between your Supply Chain system and the ILS marketplace

Integrate your supply chain systems with the ILS marketplace using ERP specific integration solutions, or Web Services to create customized integration capabilities. Direct integration with the ILS marketplace provides benefits such as frictionless and intelligent supply chain management, simplified inventory and RFQ management and improved data-integrity and the ability to leverage our Market Intelligence and other AI/ML based functionality.


Connect your ERP with ILS Bridge

ILS Bridge provides unique real time functionality that enables users to streamline workflows with built-in synchronizations for sending and receiving RFQs, Quotes and Inventory Management and much more.

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Connect with Web Services

Web Services provides computer-to-computer interaction between your internal systems and ILS. Easily perform part searches, review RFQs, and update your ILSmart inventory listing without ever leaving the comfort of your current system.

Use the ILS Mobile App on iOS or Android devices to buy and sell on the go.

ILS’ Mobile App allows buyers the ability to search for part availability, create RFQ’s and submit them to be quoted. Suppliers can also view incoming RFQ’s and quotes right from their iOS device, and Message Broadcasts can be researched on your mobile device from anywhere and at time.

We use ILS every day and its rich Market Intelligence and tool-set is second to none - especially valuable to any operator in rapid changing markets like today. ILS is great to work with and contributes to Icelandair's competitiveness


Manager of Materials and Logistics

ILS SalesEdge is a crucial tool for today's Aviation Aftermarket sales professional

Jared Butson

VP Sales